About Us

Roie Friedman Risk Management Ltd. was founded in 2009 and specializes in providing independent professional services in risk management and insurance consulting.

In addition to the more general risks (such as earthquakes and natural disasters), companies are exposed to more specific risks which are derived from the nature of such company's operations. We believe that risk management and insurance consulting for each client requires a thorough examination and study of such client's activities in order to tailor, customize and match the optimum insurance solutions to each client, measuring the risks it faces and its specific insurance needs.

Following such examination and in collaboration with the client, we design an insurance package which provides a solution of maximum insurance coverage for the client. At the same time, we accompany our customers in their negotiations with various insurance companies and, if necessary, we will conduct a tender amongst the various insurers in order to achieve the best possible solution for the client both in terms of coverage and cost.

Our perception of client protection is not just limited to coverage of a company's risks which are exposed in agreements and contracts that it is party to in the normal course of its business. Therefore, our consultation services in connection with the drafting of articles of liability, indemnity and insurance contracts are integral in order to ensure that the fundamental purpose of the insurance is carried out, being the transfer of risks (as much as possible) and, in any case, maintaining a fair distribution of the risks between the client and entities with whom it interacts.

In the spirit of our company and our vision, we chose to locate the company's offices in the industrial dynamic and rejuvenated zone in Herzliya, close by many of our clients.

Our clients include leaders in the fields of real estate, energy, communications, retail companies and high - tech companies.

Address: 1 Aba even blvd. Herzeliya Pituach, 46725 | Phone: +972 9 7454444 | Fax: +972 9 7722777 | Email: office@friedmanrm.com
 Address: 1 Aba even blvd. Herzeliya Pituach, 46725 | Phone: +972 9 7454444 | Fax: +972 9 7722777 | Email: frc@friedmanrm.com